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"The Enemies of Syria" Conference

Russia, China Confirm Boycott of NATO’s “Enemies of Syria” Conference in Tunisia; Goal is Bombing, Civil War, Failed State, Warlords on Libyan Model Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.Tarpley.netFebruary, 28, 2012 Dr. Tarpley: “So it seems to me that the international climate … Continue reading

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CIA-NATO Front Group Drafts “Humanitarian Aid” for Syria

Kurt NimmoInfowars.comFebruary 24, 2012 An effort to impose the sort of “humanitarian aid” on Syria that ultimately killed around 30,000 people in Libya is underway in Tunisia. CNN reports that “world powers” – corrupt states belonging to the Arab League … Continue reading

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Hysteria Replaces "International Law" in Search for Empire

A New Anti-Imperialist Bloc of Nations Convened by Russia is Needed to Prevent a New Middle East February 24, 2012 The US tries to break up existing countries and turn them into “rump states”, such as Libya that is … Continue reading

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Syria: Seeking a Convenient Casus Belli

Alleged death of two Western journalists in Syria used to dance around UNSC veto. commentary by Tony Cartalucci February 22, 2012 – You are an embattled nation with the entire world watching. Your allies Russia and China just made a … Continue reading

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Iran-Thai Bomb Blast Update

Predictable, improbable, and factually-deficient conclusion made by US-run Thai administration. by Tony Cartalucci February 22, 2012 – It was previously reported in “String of Global Bombings Blamed on Iran” that Thailand’s current government is run by Thaksin Shinawatra by proxy … Continue reading

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Egypt Leads Fight Against NGO Agitators

A real revolution may be about to follow. by Tony Cartalucci February 20, 2012 – Neo-Conservative Max Boot is a certified warmonger, an elitist policy wonk sitting on the Fortune 500-funded Council on Foreign Relations, has signed his name to … Continue reading

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Escobar: Al-Qaeda Agents Worm into Syrian Rebel Army

Old colonial powers look to bring Syria back under their sphere of influence. RT – February 19, 2012 Video: RT – The EU states are calling for creating humanitarian corridors in Syria, which some fear could open the door to … Continue reading

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Empire’s Double Edged Sword: Global Military + NGOs

Tearing down sovereign nations & replacing them with global system administrators. by Tony Cartalucci Part 1: Imperialism is Alive and Well February 18, 2012 – The British Empire didn’t just have a fleet that projected its hegemonic will across the … Continue reading

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Washington DC: FBI Foils Own Terror Plot (Again)

FBI’s nation-wide stable of patsies can be switched “live” at any moment. by Tony Cartalucci February 18. 2012 – The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has once again proven that the only thing Americans need fear, is their own government, … Continue reading

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Soros Big-Business Accountability Project Funded by Big-Business

Corporate-fascist feel-good scam seeks to crush competition & establish global monopoly with army of Tony Cartalucci February 16, 2012 – Called “Revenue Watch” it claims to be “a non-profit policy institute and grantmaking organization that promotes the effective, transparent … Continue reading

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