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CFR’s Foreign Affairs on "Egypt’s Hero"

By Tony Cartalucci In the Council on Foreign Affairs’ (CFR) publication “Foreign Affairs,” writer Steven Cook describes ElBaradei as “A lawyer and diplomat by training,” and that he “has always played the role of the ultimate international bureaucrat — a … Continue reading

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The Globalists’ Egyptian Gambit: ElBaradei

From the Council on Foreign Relations to the Brookings Institute, Globalists agree. Mohamed ElBaradei for (Egyptian) President. By Tony Cartalucci It was previously reported that Mohamed ElBaradei, the self-proclaimed leader of the unfolding Egyptian protests, is actually sitting on the … Continue reading

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All is not what it seems in Egyptian Clashes

By Tony Cartalucci Go to the George Soros/Zbigniew Brzezinski International Crisis Group’s website and you will see that the Egyptian clashes have hit surprisingly close to home for them. That’s because none other than their own Mohamed ElBaradei, sitting on … Continue reading

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The Economist’s Shocking Admission

Originally reported by by Tony Cartalucci The globalist connections and influence the weekly published “Economist” attempts to wield is no news to readers of Land Destroyer. The Chatham House corporate member is seen often writing hit pieces in regards … Continue reading

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Infowars: V for Victory

The very existence of a “Department of Homeland Security,” torn from the pages of 1930’s Nazi Germany, an organization that America found entirely unnecessary for over 226 years of its existence, is an affront to all America ever stood for. … Continue reading

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Alternative Economics

Part One: Paradigm Shifts & Open Source Hardware By Tony Cartalucci Introduction By now, many people are acutely aware of the term “alternative media;” its triumphs, its short comings, and the profound effect it is having as it erodes the … Continue reading

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Judy Clarke to Defend Arizona Suspect

Judy Clarke has been sought out to defend Jared Loughner by Tony Cartalucci The facts surrounding the Arizona shooting that claimed 6 lives including Judge John Roll, and injured several more including US Representative Gabrielle Giffords, are still forthcoming. This … Continue reading

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Tragedy in Arizona

The Tragedy of America by Tony Cartalucci The shooting in Arizona on January 8, 2011, which left 6 dead and 13 injured including Representative Gabrielle Giffords, is most certainly a tragedy for the victims, their family and friends as well … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Prison Planet

The Debate is Over by Tony Cartalucci This is a real video found on “the Forum for the Future” website. There are three other “possibilities” also featured, all promoting “low carbon” lifestyles. Some of the largest corporations on earth have … Continue reading

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