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NYT: "Nowhere in Rebel-Controlled Syria is There a Secular Fighting Force to Speak Of"

Time to end Western support for terrorists in Syria.  Image: (Edlib News Network Enn, via Associated Press) Al Qaeda terrorists in Idlib, Syria. It is now admitted by the New York Times that the entire armed so-called “opposition” is comprised … Continue reading

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CONFIRMED: Both FBI & CIA Watched Boston Bombing Suspects for Years

FBI & CIA now admit to putting Boston bombing suspect on 2 “watch lists,” directly contradicting previous public statements. CIA most likely sponsored suspect’s trips to meet US-backed terrorists in Chechnya, Russia. April 25, 2013 (LD) – It is now … Continue reading

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US-Canada Claim Iran-Al Qaeda Ties Despite US Funding Al Qaeda in Iran for Years

April 23, 2013 (LD) – As the FBI reels from what now appears to be revelations it was directly involved in the Boston Marathon bombings, a deluge of FBI “success” stories have been “serendipitously” splashed across Western headlines. Among them … Continue reading

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URGENT: Boston Bombing Suspects’ Aunt ID’s Naked/Alive Detainee as Slain Nephew – FBI Lies

Russia warned FBI of suspects AGAIN just 6 MONTHS ago, after repeated visits to US-backed Chechen terrorists. April 22, 2013 (LD) – Independent investigative journalist Dan Dicks of Press For Truth produced a video detailing his interview with the Boston … Continue reading

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NYT: FBI Hatches Terror Plots

NYT reports in 2012 FBI’s habit of fabricating terror attacks to make high-profile arrests – now Boston suspects’ family claims sons were led every step of the way by the FBI.  April 21, 2013 (LD) – In an April 2012 … Continue reading

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FBI Casting Set Stage for Boston Marathon Bombing, Shootout, Charade

Update: CBS reveals in their report, “CBS News: FBI Interviewed Tamerlan Tsarnaev 2 Years Ago,” that the FBI initially attempted to deny any contact prior to the Boston bombings with slain suspect Tamerlan Tsarnaev. It was only after Russia’s RT … Continue reading

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"Contractors" at Boston Marathon Stood Near Bomb, Left Before Detonation

(Photos) Seen across street after blasts talking with FBI bomb squad. Who were they? What were they and the FBI doing? April 19, 2013 (LD) – What appear to be private contractors, wearing unmarked, matching uniforms and operating an unmarked … Continue reading

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