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Neo-Cons Hypocritically Leverage "Human Rights" Against China

Propaganda accommodated to “the comprehension of the least intelligent.”an editorial by Tony Cartalucci May 1, 2012 – A man who has championed every war America has fought in recent history, as well as desperately pleading to start a wide array … Continue reading

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US Using Staged "Blind Activist" Stunt For Leverage Ahead of Talks

Reuters Cites US-Funded Front in Chinese “Blind Activist” Case.   by Tony Cartalucci  April 30, 2012 – Reuters has recently reported in their article, “U.S. eyes testy China talks, Chen backer expects Chinese decision,” that “religious and political rights advocacy group … Continue reading

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Foreign-backed Protest Rocks Malaysia

Bersih 3.0: Politicizing the Apolitical in Malaysia Nile Bowie Nile April 29, 2012  Protests rocked the streets of the Malaysian capital of Kuala Lumpur on Saturday, April 28, as an estimated 25,000 people took to the streets in support … Continue reading

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Wall Street Fills Malaysian Streets With Unrest

“Bersih” movement run by Soros-funded frauds seek to restore IMF functionary Anwar Ibrahim to power. by Tony CartalucciApril 29, 2012 – In a repeat of last summer’s protests, yellow-shirted mobs calling themselves “Bersih” have taken once again to the streets … Continue reading

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How to End the Healthcare Debate – Forever

Rationing and policy didn’t give us the healthcare we have today, it will not provide us proper healthcare tomorrow. an editorial by Tony Cartalucci  April 28, 2012 – In the modern political arena, we are provided a myriad of false choices … Continue reading

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Blind Chinese Activist is US NED Proxy

Strategy of Tension: West Creates Eugenics Nightmare in China – then Celebrates Activists Fighting It. by Tony Cartalucci  April 28, 2012 – Anytime the Western media becomes ecstatic over the activities of a so-called “rights advocate,” it is almost certain … Continue reading

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Syria, Waco, Occupy, and Los Angeles

Correlations They Hope You Never Make. by Tony Cartalucci Image: While the UN demands that Syria not only allow admittedly armed terrorists to roam freely through its cities, but that they also capitulate to their demands, the West has driven … Continue reading

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Salvador Option Deployed in Syria

Will NATO Try a Wag-the-Dog Provocation Against Syria to Keep Sarkozy in Power After May 6? Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.PressTV / April 24, 2012 Video: “PressTV has conducted an interview with Washington-based author and historian, Dr. Webster Griffin Tarpley, … Continue reading

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The Next US President Will Be….

….the Fortune 500. Why no matter who you vote for, nothing will ever change. by Tony Cartalucci April 26, 2012 – President George Bush, President Barack Obama, and presidential hopeful Mitt Romney all work for the exact same handful of corporate-financier … Continue reading

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Neo-Imperialists Grind Away at Syrian Sovereignty

Recolonization of Syria 20 years in the making.editorial by Tony Cartalucci April 24, 2012 – Western corporate-financiers have plotted since at least 1991 to overturn not only Syria’s government, but to topple and co-opt the governments of every nation previously … Continue reading

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