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Withdrawal of US Troops From Iraq Highly Suspect

Think-tank designs for Iran leave only Israeli attack & coaxed provocation for total war on table. analysis by Tony Cartalucci October 22, 2011 – For ten months the Obama administration has presided over the “Arab Spring,” a geopolitical gambit years … Continue reading

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Ron Paul Teaches Common Sense to the Establishment GOP Field (Video)

First seen on Activist Post. October 21, 2011 – Just remember, every single candidate on stage, with the exception of Congressman Ron Paul, has the exact same foreign policy because they have the exact same advisers hailing from the same … Continue reading

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Iran Links US-funded Terrorists to Saudi-DEA Bomb Plot

Baseless US accusations countered with more likely Iranian allegations. by Tony Cartalucci Gholam Shakuri, who the US has claimed is a member of Iran’s elite Quds Force, and behind a bungling plot involving a used-car salesman and undercover US DEA … Continue reading

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Libya: Confirmation Could Take Days

US & Gullible Americans Celebrate Apparent Fortunes of Al Qaeda in Libyaby Tony Cartalucci At face value, the tenuous narrative of a struggling, desperate NATO confounded by months of fierce resistance on all fronts and an increasingly brutal and transparently … Continue reading

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Lies Behind the "Humanitarian War" in Libya: There is No Evidence!

The Immense Criminal Enterprise Known as “Responsibility to Protect.” Foreword by Tony Cartalucci October 19, 2011 – Meet Dr. Sliman Bouchuiguir, the man behind the verified pack of lies used to justify NATO’s intervention in Libya. This amazing piece of … Continue reading

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US State Department Funded Agitator in DC Advising #OWS

Egypt’s US funded, trained, equipped, and backed agitator of April 6, back in US to “advise” Occupy Wall Street crowds. by Tony Cartalucci October 19, 2011 – Wired Magazine has just reported that Ahmed Maher, of the infamous US-funded Egyptian … Continue reading

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Oligarchical Rulers to Host GOP Debate

Seeking best representative for debate’s corporate sponsors. by Tony Cartalucci October 19, 2011 – It’s no secret, at least to those who bothered to check, that GOP candidates Mitt Romney and Rick Perry share identical foreign policies because they share … Continue reading

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Herman Cain: Hustler-in-Chief?

Also, Ron Paul predicts the future.

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Corporate-Fascists Clamor for Iran War

Unelected corporate-funded policy makers constitute the greatest threat to US national Tony Cartalucci October 16, 2011 – While US politicians grapple over the credibility of using the US DEA’s bomb plot to assassinate a Saudi ambassador as a pretext … Continue reading

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US Policy Toward Iran One-Way Ticket to War

Policy Wonk Plays Dumb Over Role in Iranian Tony Cartalucci Editor’s Note: For those not familiar with the “Which Path to Persia?” report, more information can be found here, and part II here. October 15, 2011 – Kenneth Pollack … Continue reading

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