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Repost: Earth Hour – A Despicable Hoax

Earth Hour: A Despicable Hoax“Earth Hour” special by Tony Cartalucci, Originally posted March 26, 2011 – Nothing embodies the corporate hijacked environmental movement more than the despicable hoax that is “Earth Hour.” Once a year, we are bombarded worldwide by … Continue reading

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Conflict in Mali – Northern Africa

Separatist War looms in post-coup Mali Nile BowieNileBowie.blogspot.comMarch 31, 2012 KUALA LUMPUR – As the inexperienced protagonists of Mali’s military coup receive worldwide condemnation from the international community and neighboring members of the Economic Community of West African States (ECOWAS), … Continue reading

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How Wall Street Manipulates & Manufactures Atrocities

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Turkey Seeking "Buffer Zone" for NATO Death Squads

Buffer zone along Syrian border, national suicide for Turkey. Webster G. Tarpley, Ph.D.PressTV & Tarpley.netMarch 28, 2012 Editor’s Note: Turkey’s seeking of a “buffer zone” echos verbatim US corporate-financier funded think-tank Brookings Institute’s stated plan for overthrowing the Syrian nation-state. … Continue reading

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Soros Criminal Conviction Exposes "Human Rights" Scam

Soros leverages “human rights” for personal gain – as does his global NGO empire. by Tony Cartalucci March 28, 2012 – Bloomberg’s report, “Soros Loses Case Against French Insider-Trading Conviction,” indicates that an appeal based on a “human rights” violation … Continue reading

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Monopolizing Africa

AFRICOM Report: Combating Chinese Economic Encroachment in Central AfricaNile BowieNileBowie.blogspot.comMarch 23, 2012 Since the time of the British Empire and the manifesto of Cecil Rhodes, the pursuit of treasures on the hopeless continent has demonstrated the expendability of human life. … Continue reading

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Bird Man Hoax: A Lesson in Critical Thinking

March 23, 2012 – A Dutch man named Floris Kaayk who bills himself as a filmmaker and animator recently revealed that the viral video “Flying Like a Bird” was an elaborate hoax spanning several months and consisted of at least … Continue reading

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Destabilization of Africa: Coup in Mali

Corporate media pleads ignorance as “flickers” of Al Qaeda once again emerge. by Tony Cartalucci March 22, 2012 – The North African nation of Mali, whose borders exist within the epicenter of recent Western-backed destabilization efforts throughout the continent, has … Continue reading

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Former US Representative Patrick Kennedy Paid by Terrorists (Literally)

Unimaginable treason, shamelessly defended. by Tony Cartalucci First seen on DeadLineLive: March 20, 2012 – In an astounding interview uploaded on August 29, 2011 by Think, former US Representative Patrick Kennedy is asked about his appearance at a rally … Continue reading

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Soros-funded HRW Jumps on Kony2012 AFRICOM Crusade

Another video of “Africans” begging the US to invade & occupy Africa. by Tony Cartalucci March 20, 2012 – Human Rights Watch (HRW) during the height of the Kony 2012 hysteria, dusted off one of its old propaganda videos titled, … Continue reading

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