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Odd Couple: North Korea & America

The sails of US Asian policy ride on the winds of North Korean belligerence. Surveillance aircraft are monitoring North Korean activity during thelatest joint naval exercise between US and S. Korean forces – just days after a similar exercise started … Continue reading

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Oregon: FBI Thwarts Own Car Bomb

Will Americans Recoil in Yet more Contrived Fear?Editing Note: The Justice Department’s official statement found here, says Mohamud attempted to detonate the device remotely, which is not “in public view,” though apparently the van was indeed parked next to the … Continue reading

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Conflicts of Convenience

North Korea’s Latest Attack on South Korea By Tony Cartalucci President Barrack Obama’s opulent tour of Asia this month included talks with South Korea over free-trade agreements. Those talks ultimately failed, Thursday, November 11, 2010, sending the bewildered president back … Continue reading

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For Veteran’s Day: USMC General Butler

General Smedley Butler: Not a hippy. A forward by Tony Cartalucci: Veteran’s Day is the imperialist affirmation that service to the state is the highest cause one can commit themselves to, and that lives lost in such service were for … Continue reading

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