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NDItech: In Bed with CISPA Sponsors, Seeks Hacktivists to Spread Corporate Fascism Worldwide

Seeking to co-opt the tech community, NDItech opens doors and taxpayers’ pocketbooks to lure in talent.  Image: A visual representation of the corporate-financier interests represented on the National Endowment for Democracy’s (NED) board of directors. NDItech falls under the umbrella … Continue reading

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Earth Hour 2013 – Still a Despicable Hoax (repost)

Earth Hour: A Despicable Hoax“Earth Hour” special by Tony Cartalucci, Originally posted March 26, 2011 – Nothing embodies the corporate hijacked environmental movement more than the despicable hoax that is “Earth Hour.” Once a year, we are bombarded worldwide by … Continue reading

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Climate Change: The Folly of "Demanding" Action

February 19, 2013 (LocalOrg) – At a recent Washington climate change rally, who is demanding action? Demanding action from whom? What action? In reality, the diminutive, corporate-media inflated rally in DC was organized by the very corporate-financier special interests that … Continue reading

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Quickest Way to Kill 3D Printing – Get the Government Involved

February 14, 2013 (LocalOrg) – The US State of the Union speech made by US President Barack Obama excited many across the tech community. Obama mentioned 3D printing as one of several emerging technologies that might help revitalize US industry. … Continue reading

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The PirateBox & Internet Freedom

January 21, 2013 (LocalOrg) – There has been a big response regarding the PirateBox mentioned in “WiFi + USB Drive = Your Own Mini-Internet (Freedom)” ranging from mostly excitement to some confusion and many questions in between – especially on … Continue reading

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WiFi + USB Drive = Your Own Mini-Internet (Freedom)

Editor’s Note: There seems to be some confusion over the concept of the PirateBox. The entire point is not to be connected to the controlled, restricted, & monopolized Internet, and begin using local alternatives leveraging technology to go around draconian … Continue reading

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3D Printed Guns Render Gun Control Moot

January 17, 2013 (LocalOrg-Tony Cartalucci) – Forbes has recently published an article about New York Congressman Steve Israel’s promise to ban 3D printed high capacity ammunition magazines. The congressman’s comments come after Defense Distributed, an open source DIY gunsmith group … Continue reading

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