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Sharing is Not a Crime: A Battle Plan to Fight Back

December 7, 2012 (LocalOrg) – The Battlefield: Christopher Dodd was at one point an alleged elected representative of the people. As a US Senator he was charged with upholding the Constitution and laws of the people, and representing the interests … Continue reading

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Don’t Survive the "Collapse" – Prevent It

December 5, 2012 (LocalOrg) – Cuba, Thailand, New York City. All three have faced either economic or natural disasters. The adversity and degree to which each was affected varies, but all have lent us invaluable lessons and warnings about future, … Continue reading

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Occupy Sandy Aids Storm Victims

Local disaster response outpaces, outperforms, outclasses federal relief efforts. Editor’s Note: For the past two years I have been writing about what is wrong in this world. Now I believe the time has come to focus more attention on what … Continue reading

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