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Analysis: Gaza & the Politics of ‘Greater Israel’

IDF announcement designed to provoke. November 17, 2012 (Nile Bowie) – The Israeli bombardment of Gaza being perpetuated under ‘Operation Pillar of Defense’ comes at an interesting time. Under the leadership of Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak, the expansion of … Continue reading

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Israel vs Hamas: Deadly Theater

The West created and runs Israel, Hamas, the “Free Syrian Army,” and the Muslim Brotherhood – when the public needs to be manipulated, a deadly ballet ensues.  November 16, 2012 (LD) – The Western allied, funded, armed, and directed sectarian … Continue reading

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The Israeli Nightmare

Peace in Israel is the establishment’s worst nightmare. an editorial by Tony Cartalucci November 10, 2012 – Israel is an excuse, a mandate, a perpetual casus belli, and both an ideological as well as literal beachhead in the Middle East. Created … Continue reading

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ZOA Seeks to Manipulate Global Jewish Communities

Zionist Organization of America, and a myriad of doppelganger organizations, incite fear amongst global Jewish communities, manipulates and exploits best and brightest. by Tony Cartalucci October 21, 2012 – The elite throughout history have thrived by dividing and conquering people who would … Continue reading

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3 Reasons the US and Israel are Lying About Iran

Repeated Lies Call for Repeated Truth Regarding Tony Cartalucci September 17, 2012 – As Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu calls “for the US to establish a firm “red line” that Iran’s nuclear program can’t cross without risking a military … Continue reading

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Israel’s Netanyahu Attempts to Shame UN

Netanyahu regime ‘leaks’ phone conversation with UN’s Ban Ki Moon to shame him over decision to attend Non-Aligned Movement Conference (NAM) in Tehran, Iran. Pulls “antisemitic” card. by Tony Cartalucci August 12, 2012 – Haaretz in their report titled, “UN … Continue reading

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Let the Munich 11 Rest in Peace

Latest PR stunt aims at fueling fear and anger – will inevitably lead to more deaths on both sides.editorial by Tony Cartalucci  May 23, 2012 – Israeli Deputy Foreign Minister Danny Ayalon has been leading the charge online advocating a … Continue reading

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