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Trillions for Wars, None For Cancer Stricken Children

Team cures cancer with innovative treatment, child-patients stuck with staggering bills. February 11, 2013 (LocalOrg) – In “On the Cusp of Ending Big Pharma,” a coming revolution in biology and medicine made possible by a better understanding of genetics and … Continue reading

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Intro to Synthetic Biology

January 5, 2013 (LocalOrg /Tony Cartalucci) – Professor Jamie Davies walks an audience through the coming synthetic biology revolution. Comparing it to the personal computer revolution of the 70’s and 80’s, Professor Davies explains the lessons learned and how they … Continue reading

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On the Cusp of Ending Big Pharma

Gene therapy threatens to disrupt forever big-pharma’s profiteering, but not without a fight. December 28, 2012  (LD) – Imagine being diagnosed with cancer, a genetic disease, or even age-related deterioration in the morning, given a single injection in the evening, … Continue reading

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