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Blind Chinese Activist is US NED Proxy

Strategy of Tension: West Creates Eugenics Nightmare in China – then Celebrates Activists Fighting It. by Tony Cartalucci  April 28, 2012 – Anytime the Western media becomes ecstatic over the activities of a so-called “rights advocate,” it is almost certain … Continue reading

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Complete Course in Food & Population Control as a Weapon

SOMALIA: FAMINE FOR PROFIT AND THE EAST AFRICAN FOOD CRISIS Written by Nile Bowie Photographed by James Nachtwey Few parts of the world aptly fit the description of hell better than Somalia‚Äôs crumbling capital city, Mogadishu; a nation ravaged by … Continue reading

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The Last Word on Overpopulation

James CorbettThe Corbett Report15 February, 2011

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Abortion is Killing

Science says Tony Cartalucci This is a human being. It has a quantifiable human genetic code and independent, self-perpetuating cellular metabolic activity that willcontinue from the moment of conception to 80 years of age watchingtheir grandchildren play on their … Continue reading

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Welcome to the Prison Planet

The Debate is Over by Tony Cartalucci This is a real video found on “the Forum for the Future” website. There are three other “possibilities” also featured, all promoting “low carbon” lifestyles. Some of the largest corporations on earth have … Continue reading

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Ukrainian People Say No to Globalist Vaccines

The Power of Boycotting By Tony Cartalucci The latest supporting evidence that Zbigniew Brzezinski fears of a “global awakening” were well founded comes in the form of a vaccine boycott in Ukraine. According to the Associated Press report, “Vaccine scare … Continue reading

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Conclusive: Global Distribution of Rockefeller-Funded Anti-Fertility Vaccine Coordinated by WHO

Editing Note: Essential article on covert population reduction conducted by the Rockefeller Foundation since the 1960’s. For more information, please see End Game, linked at the end of this article. Jurriaan MaessenInfowars.comThursday, August 5, 2010 In its 1968 yearly … Continue reading

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