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Warning: Corporate Lobbyist At Work

How big money distorts reality by dominating both sides of every debate. by Tony Cartalucci May 5, 2012 – Like a tentacle of a sea monster breaking the surface of the water, a recent news story starring a “libertarian” think-tank’s … Continue reading

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The Church of Malthus

Hating humanity is their creed, corporate-fascists its patriarchs, pseudo-scientists its priest-class, brain-addled cultists its practitioners. by Tony Cartalucci Video: Church of Malthus evangelist, Paul Gilding in his “the Earth is Full” talk, tells us one million years of human progress … Continue reading

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Repost: Earth Hour – A Despicable Hoax

Earth Hour: A Despicable Hoax“Earth Hour” special by Tony Cartalucci, Originally posted March 26, 2011 – Nothing embodies the corporate hijacked environmental movement more than the despicable hoax that is “Earth Hour.” Once a year, we are bombarded worldwide by … Continue reading

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The Global Elite Want You Dead

Dr. Webster Tarpley breaks down current White House science adviser John P. Holdren’s book “Ecoscience.” Co-authored by Paul Ehrlich, the book is still available for purchase in some bookstores and online – it is indeed a real book, as difficult … Continue reading

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Global Warming, 65 Million B.C.

Two New Dinosaurs Discovered in Antarctica John Pickrell for National Geographic News March 9, 2004 Working in some of the planet’s harshest conditions, fossil hunters have found two completely new species of dinosaur in Antarctica. This increases to eight the … Continue reading

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