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Thaksin’s Revolutionary Season

By Ron Morris The Thaksin-funded report to the International Criminal Court paints the Red Shirts as a non-violent movement and alleges that the government and military callously desired a bloodbath. Further assertions are made that the Red Shirts had nothing … Continue reading

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BBC’s "Stark warnings over Thai emergency laws"

Foward by Tony Cartalucci Let’s give some background before reading BBC’s “article.” 1. The International Crisis Group is a US based “think tank” with some of the highest level globalists making up its membership. Kenneth Adelman: Former US Ambassador to … Continue reading

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Globalist Hit Fails in Bangkok

By Tony Cartalucci As the media tries to canonize fugitive ex-prime minister Thaksin Shinwatra as a visionary of democracy, and patriarch of Thailand’s “red shirt” movement, his proxies on the ground in Thailand are either in jail or on the … Continue reading

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Reds, Thailand’s La Raza: A Warning to America

by Tony Cartalucci Not unlike La Raza in America, the mainstream media has ignored and even assisted the red shirt movement in Thailand with hiding its violent Marxist ideology and their calls for class warfare. As the red shirt leaders … Continue reading

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Thailand’s Red Shirts: How to Hide an Army Under the Nose of the World

by Tony Cartalucci The “red shirts” in Thailand, as they stand off with armed Thai troops in the center of Bangkok, have been portrayed by the mainstream media as freedom fighters for democracy. BBC and CNN have repeatedly reported that … Continue reading

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Thailand’s Thaksin Shinwatra, Marxists, and the NWO

The Truth About Thailand’s Current Violence By Tony Cartalucci At the root of this protest is fugitive ex-prime minister, Thaksin Shinwatra. Before being elected as prime minister, Thaksin was a member of Carlyle Group’s Asian advisory board. He had bragged … Continue reading

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