Reds, Thailand’s La Raza: A Warning to America

by Tony Cartalucci

Not unlike La Raza in America, the mainstream media has ignored and even assisted the red shirt movement in Thailand with hiding its violent Marxist ideology and their calls for class warfare. As the red shirt leaders on stage called for the burning of Bangkok, the mainstream media spun stories of disenfranchised peasants fighting for their voice to be heard.

The following clip shows National United Front of Democracy Against Dictatorship (UDD) red shirt leader Nattawut Saikuar declare (in Thai) that if he, or any of the other red shirt leaders are captured, to burn down the entire nation.

La Raza also uses similar calls of perceived injustices as validation for violence. With the mass media’s blissful ignorance, La Raza will fester, grow, and amass until you wake up with a violent mob challenging the rule of law in the final stages of a class war too far in progress to stop. Tensions will be high, as they were in Bangkok. The mass media will call for restraint in enforcing the law while the La Raza leadership incites their followers into a blood thirsty mob. Violence will break out and should the masses succeed in defeating security forces and break down the existing system, the final product of class war will look very similar to Pol Pot’s Cambodia.

The end of private property, the end of the Bill of Rights, the end of your freedom and your humanity.

Study the rise of Thailand’s reds, understand their mindset, the failure of the government and the people of Thailand to expose and stop them, the media’s role in covering up their true intentions and nefarious activities, and avoid repeating this tragedy in the United States.


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